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Welcome to our Groton, MA Yoga Studio!

Buddha Nest Yoga classes combine the physical practice of yoga with the calming aspect of meditation and pranayama (mindful breathing).

Our beautiful new studio is located in the heart of downtown at 134 Main St, Groton, MA.

Join our contacts list here!

  • I leave classes feeling energized and relaxed all at the same time!

    — Brenna

  • Yoga has challenged me physically while allowing me to obtain a peaceful meditative state.

    — Steve

  • I can’t believe the stretches I can now do!

    — Elizabeth

  • It's miraculous!

    — Deborah

  • Anne is a thoughtful instructor who will take a personal interest in your progress and development.

    — Steve

  • Anne is one of the best teachers I have ever had!

    — Shelly

  • I really notice the difference it has made in my flexibility and well being.

    — Ruth

  • At Buddha Nest Yoga, I'm always a little disappointed when class is over and it's time to leave.

    — Michele

  • It's so easy to feel at home in Anne's classes!

    — Ellen

  • A meditative energy that is almost palpable in the entire class.

    — Deborah

Buddha Nest Blog


What is Yin Yoga?

What is Yin Yoga? Yin yoga is a quiet, mindful and contemplative practice which allows us to open our body, heart and mind into present experiences. In contrast to the rhythmic, dynamic movement and muscular engagement of an active yang practice, yin yoga embodies our conscious attention and awareness in long held poses, breath by […]


Asanas Aren’t Enough!

Asanas Aren’t Enough! So often I have visited gyms and even some yoga studios where yoga classes have become about the physical workout, with little or no time spent on meditation practice.  After visiting hundreds of different yoga studios around the country and experiencing many different styles of yoga I fear that this trend is […]


How’s Your Chaturanga?

How’s Your Chaturanga?  A proper sun salutation in a vinyasa style yoga class is a key element to building strength, flexibility and balance in our practice.  However it is easy to forget the basics as we flow, moving from point A to point B.  If we move too quickly and lose focus on appropriate muscular engagement it can […]


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    New To Yoga

    Welcome to the wonderful world of yoga!  Yoga makes your body feel amazing.  The practice of yoga may include physical postures which improve strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, and spiritual aspects including meditation and pranayama (mindful breathing).  Mindful attention to the breath is one of the most fundamental differences between yoga and traditional physical exercise, […]